The Wonder of Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Kew Royal Botanical Gardens – but everyone knows it as ‘Kew’ – is one of the world’s great botanical gardens – for science and conservation, as a major attraction for tourists and a treasure trove – and great escape, for Londoners to enjoy too. An early highlight this year, is the Alluring Orchids 2015 festival – and if you hurry, there is still time to see it – it is on until March 8th 2015.

I visited Kew recently for a few hours and I want to share with you a few images that give a snapshot of what you can see at Kew and a taste of the colour and extravagance of the displays. Of course, there is so much more to see when you visit, and I’ve included a few other images from the places I saw on that day too – do click on the links to find out more. I’ve tried to capture just some of the wonder of Kew.

For those that are technically minded, all the shots were taken on a Canon 5D MKIII + 17-40 lens, and edited and finished in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop.



These first few images are from inside the The Princess of Wales Conservatory – where the Orchid festival is taking place.

Orchids at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Orchids at Kew Gardens

Orchids at Kew Gardens

Orchids at Kew Gardens

Of course, all year round there is plenty more to see at Kew – you need to make at least several visits to attempt to see everything on offer!! Here’s a few shots of the Palm House. It is considered to be the most important surviving Victorian iron and glass structure in the world and was designed by Decimus Burton. It was built – to accommodate exotic palms – between 1844 and 1848.

You can explore this amazing building, inside, from above, and walk around at the top, by climbing the beautiful spiral staircase. It feels like you’ve suddenly entered the tropics once you’re inside – which is exactly what you have done, as tropical climates are recreated to allow the plants to live in their correct habitat – it can get pretty steamy!

The Palm House, Kew Gardens

The Palm House, Kew Gardens

Climb the ornate spiral staircase inside the Palm House and you’re in for a treat…

Spiral Staircase at The Palm House Kew Gardens

The Palm House, Kew gardens
The Palm House, Kew Gardens

On the ground level of the Palm House, you can look up through the giant plants and see plants hanging from above…

The Palm House, Kew Gardens

Giant Palm leaves at Palm House Kew Gardens

Close-up at Kew Gardens

One of my favourite places to visit is the Davies Alpine House – opened in 2006, it was the first new glasshouse to be commissioned for two decades. Impressively modern yet harmonious within the gardens – I love its simple, clean design.

The Davies Alpine House, Kew Gardens

The Davies Alpine House, Kew Gardens

So, just some of the wonderful things that await a trip to Kew – anytime of year, if you’re in London for a few days, you must try and visit.

Kew Gardens

All images © Michael David 2015


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  1. What a wonderful place you have photographed! Thank you for taking me here vicariously through your eye and your lens!

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